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Audience Response Systems

Clickers, audience response systems, polling are leading the way in interactive meetings and training. Quite simply, no other technology introduction can have a bigger impact than response systems. H-ITT offers state-of-the-art hardware and powerful software solutions that provide innovation, dependability and value. Captivate your audience!

Response Options


H-ITT's iCue is a 10 selection multiple choice remote that is simple and intuitive to use. The participant simply presses their answer choice when a question is asked. Simplicity, durability and functionality is the hallmark of the iCue remote. This remote uses 2 AAA batteries (not included) that can last for years of normal use.

iCue Base RF

H-ITT's Base Receiver plugs in to your computer's USB port. That’s it - it's truly plug and play! A single base receiver can receive an unlimited number of responses within about a 150 foot diameter from the receiver. For very large lecture halls (i.e., over 10,000 sq. ft.) H-ITT can provide extended range solutions to meet your needs.


H-ITT SoftClick is a web-based answering device, and you do not need to use a base unit as the internet is the receiver! Participants can use their cell phone, laptop, tablet or other mobile web-enabled device. SoftClick opens up the range of answer types to include free text and numeric answers.



H-ITT’s Classroom Response Software (CRS) is a powerful data collection and analytic software package that supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Whether you are just polling for anonymous data collection, or need a full function grading and reporting system, H-ITT CRS is flexible to suit your needs.
Our Software is free! Download CRS today to test drive its robust functionality.

H-ITT offers much more! Click here for product help and see the links below for further detail.