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Audience Response Training

The fast paced Corporate world demands simple user implementation of a Response System with versatility that meets the many applications needed and used. Simplicity and versatility are the two key items that set the H-ITT system apart from other response systems.

If you are setting up for a board meeting or shareholder's meeting, or even an employee training session or simple opinion polling, we have a simple solution.

The key to easy implementation is to contact H-ITT support personnel and describe how you want to use the response system. We will provide as much one-on-one support that is needed to set your system up and tailor it to your exact needs.

H-ITT offers free phone, email and web support and training. Onsite training is available with the costs being determined based on time and travel and whether or not we have a local representative in your area.

Here are our contact/training links:

    • Phone: 888-322-0089 (8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST)