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iCue Pro

iCue Pro  is our multi-digit RF remote used in government institutions around the world.  Twenty keys provide the ability to capture a wide range of answers including, multiple choice, multi-digit, alpha-numeric and various fill in the blank questions. An LCD screen allows for easy viewing of responses and confirmation of receipt. iCuePro allows students to provide real time feedback from named or anonymous users.

The iCuePro TX3200 is a multi-function, numeric/text remote with a high resolution DOT matrix LCD display. Used in all applications where numeric or text options are preferred.

Dimensions: 4.75"x2"x .5"

Weight: 2.5oz


One button Multiple choice answers
Multi-digit mode for answers for math and spelling up to 20 characters
Positive and negative numbers
Decimals, fractions and mixed numbers
Exponents and formulas
Text answers for spelling and fill in the blank answers 
In-class paper based test mode – Supports Self Paced Individual Testing
Homework mode where assignments saved and download during class
Various user preference set up modes
31 RF channels – Allows for multiple Classroom setups without interference
200 ft signal range
Requires two AAA batteries (not included) – will provide approximately 1 year of battery life with normal use

Download the iCue Pro Product Brief