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H-ITT enables regional municipalities, local, state and national government institutions to engage, access, motivate, inspire, implement lasting impact and raise participant retention at live trainings and events. H-ITT’s Audience Response Systems enable organizations to capture feedback, provide testing, analysis and feedback in an instant.

• Town Hall Meetings
• Promotions and Advancement Decisions
• Issue Centric Summits
• Annual Events
• Employee Training
• Legislative Voting
• Political Conventions
• Debates

Adult Learning studies conclude higher retention rates among adults who are motivated and engaged.

Compliance, training, accountability, interactive, remove the boredom during training by keeping audience members engaged & accountable for participation.

Reach everyone at once with instant feedback, take action and implement swift change as needed.

Interactive sessions that fuel efficiency, drive participation and increase honest feedback without risk of exposure.

Leverage H-ITT’s Audience Response Systems to make your next event a landslide.

H-ITT offers audience response systems at special prices for government agencies. Click here to learn more.