Time is the currency of our day and your Professors, Graduate Assistants and department heads are no exception. That’s why H-ITT pioneered Classroom response systems for Higher Education. Now campuses nationwide can leverage H-ITT’s RespondGlobal® Interactive Solution Platform and iCue® classroom clickers to transform the learning environment from one directional lecture style into a two way, everyone’s engaged, learning environment that drives long term retention and lasting behavior change. The real lever however comes from these important benefits you realize as the Professional Educator:

  • Ease the administration process - by automatically capturing grade book information, attendance and polling.

  • Reach Everyone at Once – Response clickers provide instant feedback, take action and change direction based on the needs of each class.

  • Easy Integration Points - allow data to be integrated into learning management systems and student information system applications. New data warehousing solutions provide you the ability to see student performance at the system level in near real time.

  • Leverage your ability to capture understanding of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) material to ease the burden for providing progression and accreditation compliance reporting.

  • Engage them inside and outside the Classroom – Classroom Response Systems solutions provide the ability to collect individual perception of material anywhere the student chooses to connect.

I’m Interested in Helping My Professors, Graduate Assistants and Department Heads Maximize their Productivity.

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“It does energize the audience...the higher the energy the greater the learning...”

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