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Campus Wide Adoption

H-ITT provides industry leading solutions for the Higher Education Market. Through integrated Higher Education solutions, we address your rapidly changing demands by leveraging high quality, innovative products that perform in the most demanding learning environments.  Whether you're looking for a setup for clickers in the classroom or solutions you can roll out across your entire University, we have the solution that fits your needs.

With H-ITT as your solution of choice we provide the following benefits:

  • No Cost of Acquisition to Realize the Benefits of Clickers - We give you the base receiver and software and students pay for the clicker.
  • Clickers and Virtual Clickers (cell phones as Clickers) - Support for multiple response devices; SoftClick leverages your Smartphone as a Clicker enabling any device to be used anytime, anywhere in the World.
  • Ease of Administration and Integration into your Learning Management System - Automatically capture grade book information, attendance and polling.
  • Capture Responses from Multiple Locations Anywhere in the World and Display them in Real-Time with H-ITT MultiPoint.
  • Works with All of Your Campus Platforms - PC, Mac and Linux computers using multiple delivery mediums including PowerPoint, PDF's, websites, interactive white boards, text and more...

Why should H-ITT should be your solution of choice for your Campus Wide Student Response Solution?

  • Supports multiple response device options
  • RF and IR Clickers
  • Multi Digit and Multiple Choice RF Clickers
  • SoftClick – Mobile and Remote PC Virtual Clickers
  • Support for Distributed Educational Environment – Capture responses from multiple locations giving you the ability to collect real-time responses anywhere in the world.  All data is collected on the host computer and displayed in real-time.
  • A decade of innovation in delivering quality products that are very cost effective for your students and have minimal impact on your limited campus budget.  
  • Solid support infrastructure providing online and phone support and frequent system enhancements and updates.