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SoftClick is an easy-to-use internet based application that allows participants to instantly send their response using virtually any device that is web enabled, such as laptops, cell phones and PDAs including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm.   SoftClick can be used simultaneously with hardware based response clickers within the same classroom setting. In addition, SoftClick can send answers from off-site locations to a host presenter, providing a simple and elegant solution for today's distributed campus environments to instantly evaluate comprehension and gather feedback locally and around the World.


MultiPoint® is an industry first.    Audience responses are recorded instantly, whether they are in a campus class room or in a remote location anywhere in the World.   The applications for learning environments are limitless. MultiPoint is seeing rapid adoption in blended learning environments and virtual class rooms. Combined with SoftClick, instructors and administrators can instantly collect responses from audience members in the classroom, walking around the campus, online class participants or other campus locations anywhere in the World. SoftClick and Multiple Point break down the barriers to engaging your students regardless of their location.