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Student Response System

Student Response Systems

Clickers to engage students in the classroom are leading the way in learning techniques. Quite simply, no other technology implementation can have a bigger impact on student learning than "clickers in the classroom". H-ITT offers state-of-the-art clickers and software solutions that provide innovation, dependability and value.

In most cases the cost to implement the H-ITT system is absolutely free for you or your University; students purchase clickers in the bookstore (or online) and the classroom hardware is provided at no cost.

Q: I have a class of 300+ students. How can I effectively teach and evaluate them individually in the time I have with them?
A: Use the H-ITT system for a few minutes each class to ask them questions and get their responses.

Really, that's it. The H-ITT system was developed by teaching professors for just this reason. Studies show that when the students know their final grade is based on them participating in class they show up to class, come more prepared, and their grades are much higher.

H-ITT's Classroom response software can collect student responses from the lecture hall and seamlessly integrate these to your office computer where you can grade and report from.

Roster building (associating the student with the clicker they used) is necessary with any response system. H-ITT provides more roster building options to suit your needs than any other response system we know of. The most popular is our student WEB REG application.

Reporting grades and student reports. H-ITT provides many reporting tools, both to your gradebook and automated student progress reports. The most popular is our email tool where you can send each student their current grades report with a single click of a button.

H-ITT's Software is designed for ease of use yet provides the flexibility and options all directed towards allowing you to maintain all aspects of what and how you teach now. No need to make special question sets! Use your existing lectures, quiz and test material. On the fly questions, polling, computer displayed questions, web sites, paper tests and quizzes, all instantly graded!

H-ITT's Classroom Response System can extend beyond the classroom with Multipoint, allowing you to poll remote sites no matter how many or where they are located, and aggregate the results at your location for evaluation or even grading.

Student Clicker Options

You choose the clicker the students need based on what question types you want to ask:


This is our most popular and simplest to use remote, the iCue RF Clicker allows students to simply press their answer choice, and they will receive a green light acknowledgment on the Clicker as well as their ID box on the in-class software screen. The clickers have a lanyard loop so you can fix them to a desk. They are durable to withstand the worst student abuse expected (i.e. dropping or tossing their remotes around). They use two standard AAA batteries (not included) can last for year.

iCue Pro

H-ITT's iCue Pro provides all the features and functions of the iCue, but are also capable of sending tolerance gradable numeric answers, free text answers as well as homework assignments and much more.


H-ITT SoftClick is a web-based clicker! Students can use their web-enabled device (i.e. cell phones, PDAs, laptops, tablets) just like a real clicker, and provides for all the answer types of the iCue Pro; MC, numeric, free text, homework and more.

iCue Base RF

H-ITT's iCue Base receiver plugs into your computers USB port. That's it. Truly plug and play which makes moving the response system from class to class, or teacher to teacher simple.

H-ITT offers much more! Click here for product help and see the many other products that H-ITT offers.