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iBright - H-ITT's IR systems provide student response at an incredible value. The two way IR systems allow the student to know that their responses have been received and are ideally suited for classrooms up to 25 students. Units provide for up to ten unique responses and are ideal for self paced tests as well as daily interactive use. IR is response on a budget as students enjoy the colorful units and ability to express themselves individually in the classroom. The IR system provides superior security and reduces academic mischief because the IR communications is line-of sight and must be in the classroom and held in plain sight to allow the instructor collect the answer. IR remotes are typically used for smaller classrooms although the IR system is expandable; Base units can be "daisy chained" together to provide full coverage in large classrooms or auditoriums.

H-ITT's iBright IR speed protocol is 10 times faster than standard IR systems with over 50 real-time two-way responses collected in a second. The iBright TX1000 does NOT need to be turned on or off, it is always ready to respond when a key is pressed.

Dimensions: 5.3"x1.3"x1"

Weight: 2.8oz


True False & Multiple Choice
One button Multiple choice answers
In-class paper based test mode - Supports Self Paced Individual Testing
Red /Green Indicator Light – Confirms receipt of question
Multiple RX2200 base units can link together to outfit even the largest lecture hall with a reliable IR system
60 ft signal range
Requires one 9-volt battery (not included) – will provide approximately 1 year of battery life with normal use

Download the iBright Product Brief