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Students are digital learners. They learn in a collaborative environment that extends well beyond the walls of a classroom. They create, consume, mash-up and share information seamlessly. We must capture their attention and enable interaction.


Only Audience Response Systems can engage today’s learners and instantly provide feedback for teachers to validate student achievement. H-ITT continues to lead in Global Response solutions through innovation, reliability and value.

Through response systems, students can respond to questions in and out of the classroom. Census level data drives data driven instruction as teachers can quickly validate overall student achievement. The adoption and integration of response units by the students is second nature with a simple hardware based classroom solution or data enabled phone. New capabilities allow a single instructor to poll multiple classrooms. Research results validate double digit improvement in the comprehension of student learning objectives.

Easy integration points allow data to be absorbed by grade book, LMS and SIS applications. New data warehousing solutions now also provide the ability to see student performance at the school and district level in near real time.

Make the most of your stimulus dollars and bring instant interaction to the classroom every day. With our reliable, innovative, and value driven product line, H-ITT can effectively help you bring campus wide adoptions of response technology. Leverage reliable assessments and the resulting data to drive measurable results against state aligned curriculum.

Call your H-ITT account representative today to see how we can best help you accomplish campus goals with Federal stimulus and private grant opportunities.