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CRS (Classroom Response Software)

CRS (Classroom Response Software) empower instructors and students to achieve excellence in education through a powerful data collection and analysis application. The intuitive design provides flexible options for teachers to deliver questions with instant grading and a full featured grade book for analysis and reporting.

Here are some key features of our CRS Technology:

Question delivery:

  • Use your current content, no need to create any special question sets. This makes your preparation to use a classroom response system fast and simple. Just deliver your questions and collect student responses with 1 button.
  • Your questions can be delivered to your class many ways: Computer displayed using a whiteboard or projector, Paper based where students can work at their own pace to answer the questions, or written on a chalkboard, or even verbal, on-the-fly questions all use the same 1 click to collect their responses.

Grading and Reporting:

  • You can grade each question many ways. The simplest is just provide the correct answer with your key board, or your instructor assigned remote when you ask a question. Other grading methods include applying an answer key or use the Question grader in Analyzer, or you can author the correct answer into the question using QGen2.
  • Grading options include both points based grading with selectable points scaling, or direct percentage grading, your choice!
  • Reporting students grades is provided in a cross platform *.csv format (opens in excel) with export options that allow you to set up the report to match your schools gradebook or SMS for ease direct import in most cases.

Roster Building (assigning a remote to a student)

  • The CRS provides many ways that you can make the association between a student and the clicker they are using. H-ITT's RosterMaker is a simple and easy method, plus it is fun for the students! Other methods are simply type in student names in the roster window or the roster spreadsheet, or you can load a pre-created roster.
  • The H-ITT roster is retroactive, meaning that you can create the roster at any time before you want to report students grades. Make sure students always use the same clicker, and when you do create the roster, all answers from that clicker will now be assigned to that student. H-ITT’s class packs include a number label you can apply to the clickers to make student identification of “their” remote easy.


The CRS provides full integration with all of our clickers and web based applications simultaneously.With MultiPoint your entire school can integrate all classrooms where your entire student body can respond to questions posed from a single location. Imagine your entire student body instantly providing feedback to one location like Administration, the morning show, or student government activities!MultiPoint is simple to use and it’s free with campus adoptions of the H-ITT system.

Learn more about H-ITT CRS or contact us today to learn more about student response systems in the K-12 classroom.