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The H-ITT team is excited to help teachers build an action plan for their new technology purchase.  The purchase of a classroom response system starts educators down the road to incorporating response into their classroom as a valuable teaching tool!  Educators receive unlimited help and passion from our team of professionals to help unlock the power of instant feedback from all students. 

We have found that many teachers want to learn the system on their own. This is great, however, we highly recommend that you start with the system defaults (i.e., do not change any option settings) until you get familiar with the basic system operation.

Our suggestion to get familiar with the system and let your students get familiar with the clickers is to simply just ask verbal questions for the first few days. Open your class in Acquisition, and click the green Start button when you ask a question and allow students to click in. Press the red Stop button when students have answered. View the Histogram and discuss the results. We promise, even this simple method will immediately get your students engaged!

Once you are familiar with the basic function of the system you can start exploring the many options to deliver questions (like opening your PowerPoint in the Acquisition window from the Slides pull down menu!)... and so much more.

The Support section on our website provides Quick Start Guides and Tutorial Videos as well as detailed Instruction Manuals and an FAQ section that you may refer to anytime.

No matter where you are in the learning curve using our system, from installing the software to building your Roster - if you have any questions we are here to support you as needed, please don't hesitate to ask!

H-ITT offers absolutely free phone, email, and webinar support and training. On-site training is also available if we do not have a local representative in your area; the costs being determined based on travel and time.

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