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SoftClick is an easy-to-use internet based application that allows participants to send answers using virtually any device that is web enabled, such as laptops, cell phones and PDAs. SoftClick works with the H-ITT CRS V2 software for all question types and can be used simultaneously with real clickers in the same class. In addition, SoftClick users can send answers from off-site locations to a host presenter, providing a simple solution to multiple classrooms being taught simultaneously.

SoftClick subscriptions (for students) can be purchased from H-ITT's eCommerce store.
Please review the SoftClick Purchase Procedure for instructions and information.

Students can log in to utilize SoftClick in class HERE.

*UNIVERSITIES: If you intend to use SoftClick, you must notify us so that we can add your official University email domain to our Whitelist so that student's eCommerce accounts will be automatically approved.

*Testing SoftClick before purchasing is required. We will provide a free, simple demo ID and log in access for user's to test and confirm that SoftClick will function properly in your classroom. The Wifi connection, cell phone service and number of users in every class is a unique factor for reliable SoftClick operation. Please contact us if you are interested in testing SoftClick with your class(es).

Please see documentation for both teachers and students to test SoftClick before using or purchasing:

SoftClick can be used with the following question types:
  • Multiple Choice, up to 10 unique answers
  • Multiple digit, for fill in the blank type answers with up to 20 characters.
  • Free text answers
  • Pure numeric answers (for tolerance grading)
  • Positive and negative decimals.
  • Fractions and Mixed numbers
  • Powers, exponents and formula type answers
  • Self paced testing modes (for both Multiple choice and fill in the blank question types)
  • Homework mode (stores up to 50 multi-character answers that instantly download in class)
  • Roster building function (collects student name, student ID or screen name)