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H-ITT CRS (Classroom Response Software)

H-ITT CRS was developed by teaching professors to deliver a powerful data collection and analysis software set that is simple and intuitive to use. The flexibility and options of the H-ITT CRS are all directed towards allowing you to maintain all aspects of what and how you teach and seamlessly integrate all the benefits that "clickers" provide for an interactive classroom. The H-ITT CRS is used by educational institutions from kindergarten through advanced college graduate levels as well as corporate board room activities and training.

H-ITT CRS supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It is provided for free download and comes in a single, self installing executable. It consists of two applications that can be used on a single computer or used on separate computers:

Acquisition, used in the classroom to collect responses from all H-ITT's answering devices, both hardware remotes and web based solutions.

Analyzer, is your grade book for all Acquisition sessions. It can be used as a standalone or can export to other grade books and student management systems.

H-ITT CRS Support Documentation

H-ITT CRS Quick Start guide - Simple instructions in PDF format  to downloading, installing and using the H-ITT CRS

H-ITT CRS Quick start videos - Informative video tutorials for downloading, installing and using the H-ITT CRS

H-ITT CRS users manual - In depth users guide and technical manual detailing all functions and features of the H-ITT CRS

Web Registration users guide - New roster building tool for use with CRS version 2.4.x

Web Registration Template.txt - Editable template for Instructors to provide Web Registration information to students

Documents for Associated Applications

H-ITT QGen2 - Question generator and editor that allows you to easily create content for seamless integration with the H-ITT CRS.

RosterMaker - A stand alone version of H-ITT's in class roster builder. (RosterMaker is also accessible from the H-ITT CRS)

MultiPoint - A software application that takes in H-ITT "clicker" responses from remote sites and ports these responses to the host computer utilizing H-ITT CRS.

H-ITT SDK - Allows developers to write their own software based on H-ITT's remotes and base units.

Download any of the above applications

Templates and Supplemental Information

Regfix.zip - Modifies register settings to allow PowerPoint, Word and Excel to open in Acquisition slides window for Office 2007 and 2010.

CRS on a USB memory drive.zip FOR WINDOWS. Instructions on how to load the USB thumb drive for Windows.
CRS on a USB memory drive.zip FOR MAC.
The latest version of H-ITT CRS specifically for loading onto a USB drive.  Useful in situations where your school may not allow you to save files on the computers; H-ITT CRS runs from, and saves all data to, the USB thumb drive and leaves no footprint on the computer.

H-ITT_Registration_Quiz_WebCT.txt -  A GENERIC set of WebCT questions to build a H-ITT roster using your course's WebCT account.

H-ITT_Registration_Quiz_WebCT.zip - April 2009 WebCT registration quiz for Blackboard CE 8 / WebCT 5. Save the archive  to your computer. In WebCT under "Build" go to "Manage Course" and then "Import", and upload the zip file you saved. The H-ITT Registration Quiz will be available under your Assessments Course Tool. (If this tool does not exist, please add it by going to "Manage Course" and then "Tools"). This quiz provides Students: IDnumber, Email, ScreenName, RemoteID. Reference the H-ITT CRS users manual for extracting the collected quiz information.

Example Rosters you can load in Analyzer for use with the Acquisition's "keyboard" Demo mode. The remote ID column has the keyboard reference (not a remote ID)

roster1.csv - Name, Student ID, Remote ID

roster2.csv - Name , Student ID , E-mail , Remote ID#1 , Remote ID#2, ...

- Name , Student ID , E-mail , ScreenName , Remote ID#1 , Remote ID#2 , ...

roster4.csv - Name , Student ID , E-mail , ScreenName , WebCTID/BlackBoardID , Remote ID#1 , Remote ID#2 , ...

roster5.csv - Name , Student ID , E-mail , WebCTID/BlackBoardID , Remote ID#1 , Remote ID#2 , ...

roster_webctquiz.txt -  Example roster file in WebCT quiz output format. (Tab delimited text file).

SampleQuestions.txt - Sample question file for Acquisition in delimited text format.

MultiExamGrader.xls - Excel Spread Sheet for grading exam CSV files if you give exams with multiple answer keys.



How can I test the software before purchasing a H-ITT system? - Describes using the demo (keyboard) mode.

How can I present questions to my class with H-ITT? - Question delivery options and methods.

My PowerPoint opens outside of the slides window. - Options to fix this Office 2007 registry change.

My PDF opens outside of the Acquisition window. -  Modifying settings to allow PDFs to open inside the Acquisition Window.

Acquisition locks up when a question is started. -  Acquisition home screen COM port test works, but starting a question causes a lock-up.

How do use the Test Mode? - Help on how to use the CRS paper-based test mode.

Using the CRS Toolbar Mode with Windows. - Help on "How to in Windows".

How can I use the CRS Toolbar Mode with PPT on a MAC? - Help on "How to in Mac".


How do I add multiple student Remote IDs to the Roster? -  Properly adding additional Remote IDs for a single student in the Remote ID Columns in the Roster.

How do I grade and report H-ITT clicker points? -  Points and percentage grading methods and grade report options in Analyzer.

How do I associate my student with their clicker serial number? - Roster building options.


What is my Remote ID and where can I find it? -  Locating Remote IDs on all H-ITT remotes.

How do I number my remotes? - Roster and ScreenName descriptions. For smaller class sizes, i.e., 32.

How do I make my Instructor's Remote advance slides? - Converting PPT to image files to allow the instructor remote to advance slides in your PPT.


Program does not respond to my clickers. - Hardware set up and test options.

Extending iCue Base RF with CAT5 cable. - (TechBrief) Methods to provide large lecture halls coverage with multiple iCue Base receivers.